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An ISO 9001:2008 certified company

Competitive price

Wide customized product range

Technical service

Research and Development, continuous improvement program

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Experience more than 15 years

Tecnical Suppport

Intending to our customers’ convenience to make sure their process and final quality, we provide technical service wherein in charged by our technical service department to serve our entire customer to support their needs regarding to technical aids.

Problem Solving

We serve problem solving due to customers problem during their application by visiting their production line, laboratory analysis, at their most convenience time.

Recommendation of processed and Work Instruction

We may make a recommendation to make a work instruction for better procedure to keep proper application is conducted by operator.

Operator Training

Operator skill is one that can influences the quality stability of metal surface treatment process, thus this is our concern to provide an operator training on site or in our site.

Laboratory Testing Inspection

Several testing are needed to determine whether the process is fit with the process specification was set or not. We provide a laboratory facilities and testing service as compliment to check the specimens, bath solution, surface analysis and other chemical properties.

Technical Consulting

Anticipating a dynamic requirement for specification, we are also available for any technical consulting to plan new process, new quality standard, new facilities, new testing method, development programs, bath renewal, etc. Our customers would feel free to consult our technical service engineer by phone or meeting arrangement.

Analysis of customer production baths

An after sales service could be established with certain agreement, wherein our technical service engineer can visit to our customer production line regularly as external inspector corresponding to maintain the consistency of process specification, search findings to give improvement recommendations.