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We provide an extensive range of metal surface treatment chemical products, many formulated based on specific customer requirements. Considering each final quality features requirement is unique and specific with grades of steel processed, loading capacity, line layout and subsequent process operations, heat bath custom formulates, these matters demanded to maintain stable baths and quality consistency of processing application. Our product development is continually being expanded to produce high quality products to meet our customers’ needs.





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  • Automotive-Parts


  • Cleans metal substrate prior to conversion coating
  • Available in powder and liquid form
  • Available in strong and mild alkali
  • Low foaming
  • Available for low temperature applications
  • APEO & APE free formulations available
  • Neutral cleaners with rust inhibition available


  • Traditional zinc phosphate coating
  • Excellent paint bonding and corrosion resistance
  • Microcrystalline structure
  • Available for all ferrous substrate


  • Traditional chromate conversion coating
  • Excellent paint bonding and corrosion resistance
  • Available for all aluminium substrate


  • Traditional iron phosphate conversion coating
  • Excellent paint bonding and mechanical bonding
  • Available in solvent and water based

TRI-CLPS® – Chromium Coating for Alloys Product features:

  • Produces complex trivalent chromium coating
  • Bonds paint
  • Under film and corrosion protection
  • Maintains low surface resistivity for electronics industries
  • For aluminum, magnesium, and zinc alloys
  • Dry-in-Place or rinse off

Industries used in: CoilGeneral MetalsExtrusion

BULK ZIRCA-SIL® – Nano-tech Pretreatment Coating Product features:

  • Nano-technology pretreatment coating
  • Chrome and phosphate-free
  • No sludge produced
  • Faster process time
  • Low water and energy usage
  • Safe for all metals

Industries used in: CoilGeneral Metals

E-CLPS® – Chrome-free Pretreatment for Multi-metal Substrates Product features:

  • Chrome-free prepaint pretreatment provides results equal to chrome without the environmental concerns
  • Multi-metal substrates (Cold Rolled Steel, Hot Dipped Galvanized, Electrogalvanized, Galvalume, and more)
  • No rinse, dry-in-place available
  • No EPA listed or restricted heavy metals
  • Spray, immersion, flow coat, reverse or direct roll coater applications
  • Meets AAMA 2603, 2604, & 2605 specifications
  • Approved in Europe by GSB & Qualicoat

Industries used in: CoilGeneral MetalsExtrusion


  • Organic solvent & Hot alkaline formulation
  • Fast reaction
  • Brush application available


  • Moderate & mild acid cleaner
  • Neutral rust remover available
  • Contains special inhibitors
  • Brush application available
  • Removes oils from metal surfaces


  • Strong acid cleaner
  • Contains special inhibitors
  • Removes oils from metal surfaces
  • Specially formulated to remove scale on hot rolled steel


  • Surfactant additives to improve cleaning
  • Low foam


  • Prevent scaling on caustic bath
  • Remove striking marks in extruded aluminum
  • Remove gloss
  • Contains no nitric acid and nitrite
  • Helps to produce consistent etching effect
  • Easy to rinse
  • Protect the aluminum structure for hard etching


  • Coloring stabilizer in tin coloring tank
  • Enhance throwing power
  • Improves color match and uniformity
  • Contains no phenol and cresol


  • Low temperature application
  • High sealing speed
  • Low chemical consumptions
  • Low operating cost