Quality assurance

We understand that the quality is the consciousness for the needs of our customers. Sustainable improvement is the most important commitment for us, which means our efforts are always intending to supply a wide range of high quality products. In order to meet the growing demand of industry, our service is oriented toward customer satisfaction.

The cooperation with independent institutes as quality circles and practically orientated suggestions out of personal customer contacts are the base of an active product development.

We apply a strict quality control system of all incoming material, in process, packaging, final product and delivery.

We are maintaining the quality of our products and services we supply to our customers consistently by conducting the following efforts:


ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System

Performing Continuous Improvement Process in all department

Inspection and testing of incoming raw materials, in process, and outgoing product

Manage the equipment calibration process

Issue product Certificates of Analysis

Performing 100% Product Batch Inspection

Drive the Corrective Action Procedure

Product and Process Development

Taking customer and supplier annual surveys and analysis